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On behalf of our client, an international publishing group, based in Italy, we are looking for a highly skilled professional to lead the new product strategy .

Products will be i) always conceived and sold in series (continuity, no one-shots), and ii) as a combination of physical component (i.e. gadgets, tools, raw materials, etc.) and editorial content (magazines).

Objectives and responsibilities:  

Development and execution of the new initiative’s product strategy, including:

  • Development of a multi-product offer aimed at different target segments in different countries;
  • Spotting trends and turning them into viable product concepts
  • Selection of products from existing portfolio (200+ products) worth revamping/refreshing
  • Development of marketing metrics and systematic approaches for obtaining comprehensive consumer, market, and competitive analyses that support strategic organizational decisions and product marketing tactics

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Demonstrated market driven spirit;
  • Understanding of the consumers and ability to translate information into data-driven and compelling product solutions and proposals.
  • Strategic thinking well balanced by equal commercial focus;
  • Ability to lead the development and deployment of products and marketing campaigns inclusive of product branding, consumer segmentation, product positioning, and product messaging.
  • Customer centricity approach
  • Ability to engage consumers in medium/long term
  • Strong sense of aesthetics
  • Product testing
  • Working effectively in a culturally diverse work group
  • This job has expired!
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